September Baseball Wrap Up


Cubs Winning the World Series CC by Arturo Pardavila III

September baseball, the time where non contenders play spoiler and contenders play to continue their season into October. It’s the part of the season where you start rooting for other teams and people are constantly checking scores to see if their favorite team gained any ground in the division or the Wild Card.
Right now the toughest division in MLB has to be the National League West. Even though the NL Central also has three teams fighting for first place, I believe the West is most intriguing at the moment. The Dodgers have a half-game lead on the Rockies and they are in the midst of the most important series of the season. The Dodgers are at home facing the Rockies. The Dodgers took game one of the series with two more games remaining in the season. The Dodgers have been doing things right lately, winning three out of four games against the Cardinals. That was not the Cardinals were hoping for because after that series they now have a half-game lead in the Wild Card on the Rockies. If these three teams stay consistent until the last week of September, we are looking at a very messy Wild Card. The Rockies or Dodgers will win the Division meaning the second place team will most likely be in the Wild Card.
The Brewers have a three-game lead on the Cardinals for home-field advantage in the Wild Card. I feel like the Cubs will win the division just with the fact that they are consistent enough to keep their two and a half game lead. They don’t have any games against each other for the rest of the season so the Brewers will be trying to win every game possible and just hoping that the Cubs lose when the Brewers win. The Brewers pitching needs to be at its best, with their starters going at least six innings, so the back end of their bullpen in Josh Hader,
Corey Knebel and Jeremy Jeffress can close the game out. The offense needs to be at their best possible. Speaking of their offense, Christian Yelich is building up his MVP case. He hit his second cycle of the season and he is so consistent and he plays a great defense. I don’t think anyone would’ve thought he was an MVP candidate at the start of the season. The Brewers traded three top 100 prospects for Yelich and people were criticizing the trade, but it couldn’t have gone better. The Brewers knew that they were getting a solid outfielder with a consistent offense but they no one saw this coming. It was great for him to get out of Miami and get signed with a team that is contending. They sure have a stacked offense with Yelich, Lorenzo Cain, Mike Moustakas, and Jonathan Schoop, but they didn’t get a single starter. The pitching market was small this year but they could have gone out and gotten Cole Hammel who has been outstanding with the Cubs since being acquired. That makes them rely on their offense and three people in the bullpen.
The Indians and the Red Sox are the two teams that have clinched a spot in the postseason. The Indians are the first team to clinch a division but again, they don’t have a very hard division with not a single team over .500. But you still have to tip your caps to the Indians who have two MVP candidates in Jose Ramirez who is having the best season of his career so far batting .280 with 38 home runs and has a 7.8 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) which is the seventh best in all of MLB. It’s hard to forget about the All-Star shortstop, Mr. Smile himself Francisco Lindor who is putting a very similar season to Ramirez batting .281 and has 35 home runs and has a 7.4 WAR.
While we are on the topic of MVPs, we should talk about Jacob deGrom who is pitching out of his mind. He has a 1.78 Earned Runs Average and is holding left-handed hitters to a .228 average and right-handed hitters to a .174 average. CY Young voters shouldn’t look at his record because he is doing everything he can to get his team the win but the Mets are atrocious with giving deGrom run support. His strikeouts are one of the league’s best with 251 which ranks in the top four. So with the strikeouts, WAR of 9.1 and a Walk and Hits per Inning Pitched (WHIP) of .95, he deserves to be the CY Young award winner.
The Diamondbacks were eliminated from the postseason on September 23. The season definitely has to be looked at as a failure considering the fact that they made it to the National League Division Series and that they were leading the NL West for the majority of the season and they had a horrendous September going 7-17 which ultimately led to them getting knocked out of playoff contention. Things started to fall off when they lost the series against the Dodgers where they got walked off two games in a row. Going into that series the Diamondbacks had the lead in the division and by the end of it they started falling off. They tried to resign J.D. Martinez after he was killing the ball down in Arizona but we all know that he ended up signing with Boston. Arizona had a solid offense with a great one two punch in Zack Greinke and Robbie Ray who broke onto the scene last season and had another impressive season.
So, that wraps it up for September blog and more to come as September comes to a close and October Baseball is just around the corner.