New Candy Rules for Homecoming Parade


Paris McNutt, Copy Editor

There’s a new rule for our homecoming parade and parades within the city: no more throwing candy at parades. Here at Washington, students and people participating in the parade are shocked about the change, but there are reasons for the new rule.

Complaints about candy being thrown, aggressively were not just from Washington’s parade, but other Cedar Rapids schools were receiving complaints from candy being thrown at their parades. Erikka Derrick of Student Senate says, “At last year’s parade, the golf and football team threw candy, so harshly to the point that we received complaints,” A city ordinance was passed due to the complaints and now throwing candy is prohibited. “The school could get fined, if any candy is thrown at all and if we receive complaints. Instead, walkers in the parade are allowed to hand candy to the attendees,” Derrick adds.

Some football players are in denial about being the reason why candy throwing is now prohibited. “It’s stupid. We were not throwing candy that hard to the point we were hurting the people at the parade,” Mason Ward, ‘21 says.

The community’s complaints have caused new parade rules to be made due to aggressive candy throwing. There will still be candy distributed at this year’s homecoming parade, just not being thrown. To some, the homecoming parade may not be the same and to others, they believe that parades will be safer.