Artist of The Month: Kaylea Staab


Jaydin McMickle, Opinions Editor

Walking around Wash, you may see people reading a little magazine or a girl with pink hair passing them out. That is Kaylea Staab, a senior at Wash. With her cool art aesthetic clothing you can tell she is an artist.

In art class or at home she loved indulging in street art and contemporary art. She uses those styles when she creates her monthly issue of “My Two Sense” her small zine that has grown popular in the halls of Washington. She even sends a few copies to dedicated subscribers in other states.

She has been creating art for as long as she can remember. She has always had “a burning passion to create beauty” Staab ‘19. When she was in elementary school, she used to draw clothing and wanted to be a fashion designer, “One day I realized I was painting the people with way more detail than the clothes and I knew my passion was drawing people.” Staab said.

Whether she is at home or in AP Studio art, she is engrossed in her work. Some could say she is a perfectionist while using her favorite materials, mediums, watercolors, fine lining pens and gouache. She even dabbles in spray painting and tagging (legally of course.)

During her school career Staab ‘19 has taken many different art courses that she enjoyed; Intro to ceramics, advanced ceramics, intro to photography, and AP studio art. She has grown as an artist during her time at Wash.

When she isn’t in art class she works at Nelson’s Ice Cream and She is a jack of all trades at Wash, she is the art editor in W.L.P, she is on the orchestra board and you can see her hanging out in philosophy club after school.

One of her favorite pieces was a mural she painted on her grandparents garage this summer. Despite the hot weather and the 20 hours she spent painting, but it was worth it. “It was so satisfying to complete.” Staab ’19 said.

She also designed the album cover for a local band “Proof of Concept.”

“She has came a long way from freshman year.” A.P Studio mate Madison Bartlett ‘19 said.

“She has a humorous approach to her artwork, not so serious and stuffy.” Schmelzer commented.

“She really knows how to use textures and layout with a good sense of lighting, her doodles are so elaborate.” Schmelzer said.

This year you can find her design on the seniors homecoming float shirts, and the orchestra sweatshirt.