Album Review: Proof of Concept


Sophie Lindwall, Profiles Editor

Surveyor Thoughts on “Proof of Concept.”

In case you weren’t aware, Bryan Ennis and Connor Wilson, ‘19, have just struck the hearts of girls all throughout Washington High School….. Especially those in the Surveyor lab.  These two junior boys just debuted their first musical album called “Proof of Concept.” The album contains three songs, “Mr. Dreamer,” “Questions,” and Lost and Broken” and are all written, produced, mixed and recorded by Wilson and Ennis. This album gives of mellow and chill vibes. It’s the kind of album you would listen to whilst driving around on a summers night with your windows down. The kind of album you would want to have your first kiss while listening to. Wilson plays the bass, drums, saxophone and vocal harmonies and Ennis plays the keyboard and does lead vocals. The CD itself is beyond cute with cover art by Kaylea Stoah. The CD is on sale for $5. Catch up with one of these fine boys over the summer for a copy of your own. From all the surveyor staff- two big thumbs up for this album!!!