Miguel’s List of 100 things to do over the Summer!

Miguel Jacobo, Staff Reporter

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In this list, I shall compile 100 of all of the ideas that I can think of that will help you get through the summer if you’re ever bored or need something to do or whatever. Do tell about how it all works out if you use the list! Enjoy!


  1. Go swimming!
  2. Travel / Cross-Country road trip!
  3. Play Steam games!
  4. Watch some movies at the theatres!
  5. Netflix (other streaming services are available)!
  6. Drink cold hot chocolate (it’s really good, I swear)!
  7. Listen to some tasty jams!
  8. Throw a party!
  9. Have a bonfire!
  10. Go for a hike!
  11. Stargaze!
  12. Contemplate your existence!
  13. Make a to-do-list of this list!
  14. Picanick!
  15. Hang out in a park!
  16. Make friends!
  17. Learn how to tame animals!
  18. Watch some YouTube!
  19. Pick up Pokemon Go again!
  20. Paint a landscape!
  21. Find aliens!
  22. Camp out!
  23. Sleepovers!
  24. Learn how to draw!
  25. Learn how to dance!
  26. Go fo a drive to nowhere in particular!
  27. Build a spice rack!
  28. Play with some animals!
  29. Participate in some social activism!
  30. Make a podcast!
  31. Take some BuzzFeed quizzes!
  32. Watch a Kernels game!
  33. Reconnect with old friends!
  34. Educate yourself!
  35. Take some online classes!
  36. Go get some ice cream!
  37. Try to compose your own music!
  38. Write a story!
  39. Spend a day in bed!
  40. Build a fort out of something!
  41. Appreciate nature!
  42. Go see a play!
  43. Do some improv!
  44. Cook your favorite food!
  45. Make your own calendar!
  46. Play some old / retro games!
  47. Play some board games!
  48. Make a board game!
  49. Do some spring cleaning, but in the summer!
  50. Plant some plants!
  51. Get a pet rock!
  52. Make a movie!
  53. Have a viewing party for the movie you made!
  54. Make popcorn!
  55. Rewatch some old movies!
  56. Surf the web!
  57. Discover some new memes!
  58. Make some new memes!
  59. Try to hack Google, then get paid if you succeed and tell them how you did it!
  60. Find a summer job!
  61. Make a political cartoon!
  62. Watch a new sport!
  63. Go visit some friends in college!
  64. Go shopping!
  65. Listen to a new band!
  66. Discover the secrets of the universe!
  67. Make an experiment!
  68. Make a BuzzFeed quiz!
  69. Don’t do #69!
  70. Wonder how to not do #69 when you inherently do it anyways!
  71. Realize that the struggle against death isn’t futile and that you CAN become immortal!
  72. Build a scale model of something!
  73. Read some science articles!
  74. Find out if your favourite ScFi thing could actually exist!
  75. Plot world domination!
  76. Speak with your government representative about something you want them to do!
  77. Find some new apps!
  78. Start a journal!
  79. Contemplate the idea of a multiverse!
  80. Find out what it takes to graduate early!
  81. Learn how to apply to colleges!
  82. Watch some old TV shows!
  83. Get better at something!
  84. Convince your parents to get you a pet!
  85. Figure out what you would do in an apocalypse!
  86. Think of the worst possible apocalypse ever possible!
  87. Take a bunch of pictures of random stuff!
  88. Learn about lasers!
  89. Learn about that mysterious 4th phase of matter, plasma!
  90. Countdown the days to graduation for your class!
  91. Do some origami!
  92. Learn about some new tech!
  93. See how much it costs to own a house for a year!
  94. Tune up your car!
  95. Look over some yearbooks from school!
  96. !96# oD
  97. Ignore #96, something weird happened!
  98. Realize that the list is almost complete!
  99. Do the impossible!
  100. Tell the world of all the things you did this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  101. Wait what?
  102. Wait, there’s nothing more on this list!
  103. Stop looking for more stuff to do!
  104. There’s nothing left to do!
  105. Stop trying to get me to write more!
  106. Fine, this list will stop at 111 now.
  107. 5$ says I’m right.
  108. What do you mean you won’t take the bet?
  109. Fine, I see how it is.
  110. Whatever, one more left.
  111. Done. Now leave. Please.