Food Fair-Illegal as Heck


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Students line up for the 2017 Cultural Food Fair.

Abby Throndson, Staff Reporter

Don’t worry, the food fair is still happening, but students who plan on attending the Washington Cultural Food Fair will be noticing some differences this year to the past couple of years. This year’s food fair will be May 22, during seventh hour.

The Cultural Food Fair is an event in which groups of students take up a country and choose a traditional food to prepare and serve for attendees of the fair. Rahel Nshimirimana, ‘18, is the student leader of the project this year. “It’s a really nice way to show cultural appreciation,” Nshimirimana said.

Student will have to pay around four dollars to attend the food fair. Students can see that there is a higher price this year. It has gotten harder to fund the food fair in the past year, because student senate hasn’t been able to sell donuts on Fridays anymore. The money made from the donuts would collect all year and then fund the food fair, but now, the fair has to fund itself.

One positive change will be that more educational aspects during the fair. “Groups were asked to prepare a few facts about their country and dish,” said Nshimirimana. “This also allowed us to receive the approval to put on the food fair.”

When going to a countries table, fair-goers will see that there will be material other than food, to showcase other aspects of cultures, such as entertainment, music, and dance.

One of the biggest changes that will be noticed this year is that this year’s food fair is taking place during seventh hour, instead of during the lunch periods. This is because of national laws regarding food and nutrition in schools.

The guidelines on the USDA website about the food allowed to serve during school lunches is very strict, “Food products or ingredients used to prepare meals must contain zero grams of trans fat per serving or a minimal amount of naturally occurring trans fat” If the food fair took place at lunch, the food served would have to be prepared within the guidelines outlined on the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations website.  

The reason for all the sudden change is quite simple, the national laws regarding food and nutrition are being more strictly enforced. Overall these changes will be minor in the eyes of the student body, so go to the Cultural Food Fair on May 22, during seventh hour.