End of April Review


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Rain Delay at Turner Field

Isaac Gomez, Staff Reporter

Clayton Kershaw has four losses, the Phillies are half a game behind the red-hot Mets, Sean Manaea throws the first no-hitter of 2018, Bartolo Colon took a perfect game into the 8th inning, and Brandon Belt had a 21 pitch at bat which is the longest at-bat in history. Baseball.
The first month has us set up for quite a ride in 2018; it gets to the point where by now we shouldn’t be surprised with things happening because anything can happen baseball. Every single night we are set up for a thriller. The team that is underperforming I think without a doubt is the Los Angeles Dodgers. They are a game under .500 which could be a lot worse, but given the fact that they played in Game 7 of the World Series and didn’t lose any huge players, I think they are underperforming.
Even though they lost their all-star third baseman in Justin Turner and they haven’t been able to find a solid replacement, they still have a great lineup that should be able to produce runs without Turner. Things only have gotten worse for the Dodgers with the loss of Corey Seager. Seager who is one of the best players in the game, one of the best shortstops, is having to get Tommy John surgery which is costing him the whole year.
With the Dodgers having a top 10 farm system, they are able to move people around.
They confirmed on April 30 that Chris Taylor will be filling in at shortstop for now on. Meaning that Enrique Hernandez will most likely be spending a lot of time in the outfield. Along with Alex Verdugo, the number 2 prospect in their system.
Their number 1 prospect, Walker Buehler made his debut against the Miami Marlins. He threw five scoreless innings while throwing his fastball at tops, 101.3 mph.
There are a lot of exciting teams at the moment. But the surprise team right now has to be the Pittsburgh Pirates, as of right now they are at the top of the division, only half a game ahead of the Chicago Cubs who just swept the Milwaukee Brewers. Corey Dickerson who was a pick up during the off-season after he was designated for assignment has paid off. He is batting.316 with 15 RBIs. Starling Marte who is coming back from a season that was cut in half because of being caught using Performance Enhancing Drugs has come back with a solid start. Batting .288 with 11 RBIs and 21 runs, he is still a reliable middle of the lineup hitter with great speed. On April 29 Nick Kingham made his Major League debut, and it was almost as good as it could get for him. He with six ⅔ innings pitching a perfect game while having nine strikeouts. That hasn’t happened from a pitcher making his major league debut since 1961.
The player of the month for the American League is Didi Gregorius and AJ Pollock in the National League. Both Pollock and Gregorius have ten home runs each, leading the MLB. Gregorius is leading with RBIs with 30 and has a 1.159 OPS. Pollock is leading the NL in home runs, slugging, and on-base plus slugging. There are many other players that are definitely worthy of winning the Player of the Month award but these two definitely deserved it, and the stats are there to back it up.
Sean Manaea and Max Scherzer are the Pitchers of the Month. Sean Manaea after throwing the first no-hitter of 2018 against the red-hot Red Sox, broke the Athletics record for scoreless innings(13) and threw 14 scoreless innings. The one thing that helped his case was throwing the no-hitter, that will give you the Pitcher of the Month award. Max Scherzer is always dominant; he is almost always considered to be POTM.

The weather was killer last month. There were 22 games that were rained out in the latest data recorded according to Business Insider. Weather should be much better in May, and there will definitely be multiple doubleheaders in May due to last month’s poor conditions.