Seasonal Depression: It’s a Real Hecking Thing

Sophie Lindwall, Staff Reporter

I think we can all say that this winter lasted much longer than any of us wanted to. I mean seriously- snow in April? No thank you. The winter spirit slowly sleds downhill. In December everyone is excited for Christmas and the holidays, in January you have the motivation from the new year and semester and you think you’re going to drastically change your life. By February we are kind of done with the cold weather, but us Iowans are used to it lasting so we get passed it. By mid-March, we are just fed up. This is where we crash. Studying? What’s that? Lying-in-bed-for-hours-on-end-watching-Netflix-because-you-have-no-motivation-to-do-anything–else? That’s a good friend of mine. Productivity levels are at an all time low, and grades will probably go way down. It’s the sad reality.

But finally- Spring. It took far too long, but it’s finally here. And I am ready for it. Even in the  past four days that the sun has been out, my mood has gotten so much better. And I’m not the only one. Everyone around school just seems happier. It’s as simple as that. I have heard many remarks from schoolmates talking about “how happy they are,” or “how much of a good day it’s been.” My productivity and motivation has increased drastically, and life has just been so much better.

My advice to you? Take advantage of this weather because in a short five months we will be back to the familiar cold weather. Open the curtains. Put on a pair of shorts. Do your homework outside. Take your dog on a walk. Just soak up the sun while it’s here.