Marcus Theaters, No Thanks

Marcus Theaters, No Thanks

Abby Throndson, Staff Reporter

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the new Marcus Wehrenberg Theaters. Recently, the ‘regular, normal’ Wehrenberg movie theater has been renovated to Marcus Theater standards. There has been the DreamLounger installation, concessions price raise, and construction.

First, the construction clogs up the theater. When I recently went to see a movie, half of the lobby was taken up with construction. There was a path leading to the theaters on that side of the building, but there was only access to one half of the concession stand, which wasn’t ideal for a Saturday afternoon movie, with a crowd of people waiting in line to get food.

On the topic of concessions, there has been a quick, very noticeable increase in the price of food at the movie theater. I understand that movie theaters need to earn money, but it was annoying to go see a movie and, all of a sudden, a bucket of popcorn is noticeably more expensive than last time. Also, my favorite movie candy, Cookie Dough Bites are never there when I go to the movies. Some friends have told me that they still sell them, but then why can I never get them?

I have to admit, the DreamLoungers are great. The DreamLoungers are leather recliners instead of the typical chair seating. The loungers are organized by twos, in a couch style, with a cup holder that can be put up or pulled down in between. There are negative things behind the DreamLoungers too, there is limited seating in the theaters now, so if there is a highly anticipated movie, all seats may be taken.

Most of my attitude toward these new renovations is me being stubborn about change. Wehrenberg was the same for most of my life and as long as I can remember there was minimal change to the theater. It was normal and comforting, where I would go to see a movie with my family and friends on a bad day or to have a good time, but it was bought out and changed. Soon Marcus Theaters will be the new norm, so it will all be okay, but at the moment it feels like too much too fast.