Tea: The Best Caffeinated Beverage


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Nothing beats a good cup o' tea in the mornin'!

Miguel Jacobo, Staff Reporter

  There are a lot of drinks out there that can give you a quick burst of life when you’re grinding through the day, including but not limited to coffee, energy drinks, soda, and tea. Arguably, one option must be better than the rest. Tea, I believe, is the best option to drink out of any other caffeinated drink. Some reasons include the stereotypes that go with drinking it, the health benefits of it, and the many flavors and types of tea that exist.
   Tea has a particular stereotype of being drunk by the British (not the point in this argument) and by the academically inclined. Becoming a person who regularly drinks tea means that in the view of other people, you would seem more sophisticated than you would drinking a can of soda for example. The simple act of drinking something changes people’s’ perception of you, and drinking tea would give that perception a positive spin, allowing you to reap the benefits.
   Tea is one of a few drinks that comes with loads of health benefits with some varieties having more than others or benefit different parts of your body. Such benefits vary from aiding in tooth care (prevention of cavities, whitening, etc.) to strengthening the immune system and preventing cardiovascular diseases. They can also help soothe the digestive system and potentially help prevent cancer. Very few caffeinated drinks come with this many benefits, and as tea boasts all of these, it is arguably one of the best drinks to have.
   Tea likely has one of the largest variety of flavors and variations of it with about 1,500 different types split up into four categories. Such categories are black tea, white tea, green tea, and oolong tea. With this many flavors and varieties, someone is bound to find one that they enjoy. Not only that, but tea can also be made cold as well, meaning that in all technicalities, there are about 3,000 different types of tea! That’s a lot of tea!
   Through its health benefits, its various types, and the perception that comes with drinking it, tea is the best drink to have when you need some energy. Unlike other beverages, tea has virtually no negatives to drinking it and enough positives to outshine everything from coffee to soda. If you ever need a quick pick-me-up during a hard day’s work, make yourself a nice cup of tea.