Leonard to Louisville



Trey Leonard at the Metro Tournament

Isaac Gomez, Staff Reporter

Trey Leonard ‘17 who was one of the best baseball players here at Washington, is now playing college baseball with the Louisville Cardinals for the first year. Leonard is a left-handed outfielder who committed to Louisville during his sophomore year.
Leonard made an immediate impact when he first got to Wash hitting .414 as a freshman, and he only kept producing astonishing numbers throughout his high school years. A very remarkable season was his sophomore year, he hit .385 and he broke the stolen base record stealing 36 bases in 2014.
Leonard had a lot of choices, he could go to almost any baseball school considering he is ranked number three in the state according to Perfect Game. He chose Louisville because of how much respect their baseball team has and also making sure he finds a team that not only plays well together but feels like a family. “Louisville is one of the best programs in the nation. It’s eight hours away from home so making sure I found a team that was like a family to me was very important.”
As a freshman, Leonard is a redshirt this year meaning he doesn’t play or travel with the team, instead he stays behind and looks to improve for the seasons to come. “I lifted every day and just got bigger, faster, and stronger with my strength coach. This was a great decision and it helped me get more comfortable with the type of competition.
For every athlete there is at least one person who plays a huge role in their life. Tim Evans was that person for Leonard. Evans played a huge role in all aspects of Leonard’s life, from baseball to making sure he is a good person. “My biggest help was my hitting coach Tim Evans. He pushed me everyday and made me better on and off the field.”
For every student going into college there is a huge transition. For baseball it’s the exact same thing. The level of competitiveness is much more higher than college, these players are competing not only for a spot on the playing field but foi a spot in the MLB Draft. But their mindset stays the same. “My mindset is still attack mode all the time and it was like that in high school as well. If you don’t have that type of mindset you’re going to get eaten alive by this conference.”
When the time comes and people graduate from high school, often times everyone looks back of some of their greatest memories. With the time Leonard had here at wash it’s hard to choose one specific moment. But he had a couple in mind, “Starting my freshman year and breaking the stolen base record was a great one”
There is so much stress in picking a college, the distance or what it has to offer. And every student can use as much advice as they can get. Leonard has some advice with regard to committing to a college. “Don’t commit to a school if you don’t feel like you’re in love with it. Make sure it’s a place you’re going to succeed at and get better as a person and a player.”
Leonard is at a premiere college as a very skilled player and is recognized by Perfect Game as the best outfielder in the state of Iowa and he hopes to continue that in his career with Louisville.