Washington Alumni: Maurice Blue

Jayla Johnson, Staff Reporter

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Most kids want to get away from their hometown as soon as possible. That was not the case for Maurice Blue, or as most of you know him, Coach Blue. 

Blue attended Cedar Rapids Washington High School and graduated with the class of ‘94. He was involved in football, track and played baseball. He also had the opportunity to play intramurals at Wash. But in ‘94 the Washington High School Blue attended probably felt like a completely different school then it does now. Blue has been here to see it all.  

“You guys are different than we were, parents were different, biggest thing was social media, we didn’t have that,” said Blue. “As a generation, you guys know way more, you know what’s going on here, there and everywhere just right in your hand, in real time.”

Blue came back to Wash two years after as a sophomore in college to help coach the football team. “ It was weird because I was coaching juniors and seniors that I played with, I mean they knew me, and I knew them,” said Blue.  

When Blue became more involved at Wash, he became a study hall monitor, which got him through for awhile, but when the job got cut, he left to finish his last semester of college. Dr. Ralph Plagman, the principal at the time, called him and told him he would have a job when he came back and since then he never left.

He doesn’t know much of a difference but he never wanted to. Blue is not a huge fan of change, but the fact that the kids have the same commonality because they have all come through the same place has made him want to stay. He couldn’t imagine it anywhere else.

“I could not imagine what it would be like at a Kennedy or a Jefferson,” said Blue.  “You put so much time into a place, you don’t want to leave and then you think of all the memories growing up and it just all makes sense.”