The Nintendo Switch’s First Year Review

The Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch

Miguel Jacobo, Staff Reporter

               It’s been a little over a year since the Nintendo Switch (the product that has brought Nintendo back to the market like a phoenix) has come out, and at this point, it has far surpassed its predecessor, the Wii U, and is on its way to top the Wii as well. The Wii had been the highest-grossing console that Nintendo has released, selling over 101 million units, but is on its way to be dethroned by the hip new kid on the block. At this point, the Switch has sold 14.8 million units in the span of its first year while the Wii had sold only 3.2 million units, giving the Switch the title of fastest selling console ever according to Kotaku. This massive amount of growth is in part due to its extreme amount of mobility, its hard-hitting line-up of launch titles, and its new advances in gaming technology.

               The Switch was built with mobility and gaming on the go in mind as the dimensions are a tiny 4 inches tall, 9.4 inches wide, and .55 inches deep (including the Joy-Cons (its controllers)). With such a small size, one would think that it’s fragile, but to that, I argue that it’s just as delicate as any other handheld gaming platform. The real beauty of the Switch though is its technological capabilities. With such a tiny size, you’d think that you would be squinting your eyes to see what you’re doing and sit hunched over just to use the controls, but the screen is big enough to see just fine, and the controllers are detachable from the console itself, allowing for wireless play from a reasonable distance away. This allows for one of the greatest things about the Switch to occur: a smooth transition from TV play to travel gaming.

               From the get-go, the Switch came out swinging with amazing launch titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (including all downloadable content), Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and 1-2-Switch (the tech demo for the Switch). Collectively, they’ve all sold 29.89 million copies for the Switch, adding to Nintendo’s insurmountable success. Not only has Nintendo been bringing out the big guns with AAA titles for the Switch, they’ve also been supporting a multitude of Indie games with such titles as Stardew Valley and Snipperclips. The next year will add to this already all-star lineup of amazing games as such anticipated games include Dark Souls Remastered, a brand-new Fire Emblem game, Kirby Star Allies, and Payday 2.

               The technological capabilities of the Switch have far surpassed other competitors’ consoles with the advancements in portability, altered-reality gaming, Nintendo LABO, and the Joy-Cons. Handheld gaming has always been limited to phones, the DS, the PSVita, etc. The Switch has changed what we once thought possible of mobile gaming with its substantial processing power and beautiful graphics. With the introduction of Nintendo LABO, the Switch can be transmuted into a piano, a mech suit, or even a remote-controlled bug that moves around. The Joy-Cons can be detached from the Switch, are programmed to mimic movement in weight, and can be programmed to serve many different uses in different games, such as mimicking a lockpick or being used as a sword and shield. These advances have all been built off the Wii and the Wii U.

               The Switch has arguably become one of the greatest consoles ever to hit the open market. Its technological advancements give new games many new opportunities to add new immersive things into their games. The small size allows it to be brought almost anywhere, allowing for gaming on the go wherever and whenever. The games for the Switch thus far have been some of the greatest games that people have played and have been remastered and reworked for greater enjoyment as you play. The Switch has single-handedly propelled Nintendo into the lead of the Console Wars, and Nintendo will benefit greatly from it as time goes on.