Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials


Procter & Gamble

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Paul Schneidermann, Staff Reporter

It seems so weird to me that most people hate commercials when watching tv, but when the Super Bowl is on, more than half the people I know watch it only for the commercials. The 2018 Super Bowl brought a lot of very funny and enjoyable commercials. These are my top ten favorite and a short description of them.

10. Quicken Loans ad describing what phrases actually mean. This commercial gives examples of figures of speech then describes the actual meaning of it.

9. The Bud Light, “Bud Knight” commercial. In this one, there is a knight decked out in armor with the bud light logo all over it and he wins the entire battle by himself, but only so people can come to his party rather than fight.

8. Australian tourism ad.The entire commercial is formatted to be like a movie trailer and just at the very end it says, “Oh yeah this isn’t an ad for a movie it’s for tour Australia.”

7. The Febreze commercial uses the saying, my sh*t don’t stink, and changes it to my bleep don’t stink. The whole ad is about a boy and his childhood experience growing up while his “bleep don’t stink”

6. Danny Devito as an M&M, do I need to say much more. In this commercial, the red M&M finds a luck penny and wishes to be a human who ends up turning into Danny Divivo.

5. If you’ve seen “Dirty Dancing,” you will love the NFL commercial at number five. The quarterbacks Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. end up doing the infamous dance in dirty dancing ending with Beckham holding Tom Brady in the air spinning.

4. E-Trade. This ad  shows a whole bunch of elderly people still working and struggling to do an array of jobs spanning from lifeguard to fireman.

3.The Amazon Alexa earned this spot because of it’s great actors and ad idea. Alexa lost her voice and people like Cardi B and Gordon Ramsay making fun of rather than answering the questions the people ask.

2. Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice commercial. This commercial showed Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman lip syncing the songs “Look at Me Now” and “Get Your Freak on.” I died of laughter when I saw this, especially when I saw Morgan Freeman. This is practically a tie for first.

1. The Tide ad. The general premise was show a whole bunch of generic commercials, then saying no it’s a Tide ad. You think you’re watching an Old Spice or Mr. Clean commercial but then bam, it’s a Tide ad.

This year’s Super Bowl ads were some of the best I’ve seen in a long time and I am very excited to see what the companies come up with for the next year’s commercials.