Love at First Sight is Fake


Paul Schneidermann, Staff Reporter

When I hear people talking about how the second they saw someone they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with them, I always ask myself how someone could know they loved a person before they even spoke a word to them. Love is an intricate web of emotions that must be built up overtime. This web can only be built by spending quality time with that person, building memories that will last a lifetime, and learning the little things you only find out after being together for a long time.
When a person sets their gaze on another they may feel lust but never love. Lust is a strong desire towards someone, it doesn’t require knowing personal information about someone. Seeing a handsome guy or a beautiful girl and getting a huge crush makes sense. You may want to really meet that person or start dating them. But this means that I couldn’t be love, therefore pointing to the fact, again, that love at first sight isn’t real. Lust is a strong desire towards someone, it doesn’t require knowing personal information about someone.
A relationship based only on someone’s looks is very shallow and is objectifying. Looks are what should matter least in a relationship. When purely using looks in a relationship, it lends itself to being bland and short-lasting. What should matter are the things like funny imperfections, the inside jokes, and the memories you create while with this person. It also objectifies a person because you take no part of their personality into considering your thoughts about them.

Some may  argue you can fall in love with your baby the second they are born. This is true, but it isn’t at first sight. When a baby is born, the mom has been carrying around her precious cargo for nine months. Throughout that time, she has felt the baby grow and develop. This feeling creates a bond between them; so when the mother sees the baby for the first time, she isnt in love with the look of the baby, but the small bundle of joy she has been anticipating for nine months.
At its simplest, it is impossible to fall in love at first sight. Love is too complex of a feeling to be felt the second you see someone. The occasional story of falling for a person right away is either an exaggerated or just lust that leads into love.