February Freshmen Bachlorette of the Month: Sydney Mitavalsky


Gabe Greco, Staff Reporter

Freshmen Bachlorette of the Month

If you’re a student at Washington High School chances are you’ve seen this freshmen strutting down the hall with her signature white Apple Earpods. Sydney Mitvalsky, or as her friends like to call her ,“2K”,  is a 5’7”(according to her) basketball phenom. Mitvalsky has been playing basketball since seventh grade and is already on the girls varsity team. Her favorite pre-game pump up song is “Filthy” by JT.

When Mitvalsky was asked to describe herself in three words she said “Charming, sweetheart and serious. The last one was a joke by the way.”

When Mitvalsky isn’t busy swishing threes she likes to watch cartoons and play video games with her friends and her brother. Mitvalsky described her dream date as going ice skating and then watching a super scary movie then, maybe grabbing some Orange Leaf. “My favorite spot to eat is definitely Jimmy Johns but also Buffalo Wild Wings is good.”

So if you’re walking down the halls and see this rad chick, don’t be too scared to shoot your shot with this baller.