Bandwagon Fans?


Photo by Ben Janssen

Jon Anderson showing his love for his team

Isaac Gomez, Staff Reporter

It’s always a sickening feeling when your favorite team says “We’re in the rebuilding process” when you know deep down that your team just sucks and there’s no hope for your team. They start to slowly dismantle your team, trading the star players for prospects that you can only hope turn into MVP type players. After a season or so after the “rebuilding process” you realize your only hope for a bright future is a horrible season so you can score yourself the first round pick and hope they become a star.
You then notice a young and talented team emerging from the depth of horrible teams, why would you be fan of a team that is going to be rebuilding for countless years. You think to yourself, you should join a fanbase that would be winning every year, it’ll make you happy every year. It then snaps, you can’t just leave your fan base and your team like that, you have to be loyal to your team so that when the dry spell ends, it will make the moment even better.When that happens you can really call yourself a loyal fan.
Many people are accused every year when their team is doing good, accusing them of not being true fans. They try their best to prove that they are true fans but they just can’t do anything to make the haters think otherwise. So we’ve asked people that have been accused of being bandwagon fans, questions about their team wondering how much they know about their team.
Jake Sanders is a Minnesota Vikings fan, he is very passionate about his team and he was ecstatic when they beat the Saints in unbelievable fashion. So we asked Sanders four questions about his team, increasing in difficulty.
Q: What conference do they play in?
Q: Who are the second wide receivers?
A: Laquon Treadwell and Adam Thielen
Q: Who is the offensive coordinator?
A: Pat Shurmur
Q: Who did they lose to in the 2012 Wild Card?
Sanders answered four questions right out of four. When asked what was his message to people who claimed that he was a bandwagon fan, he responded with “Go bandwagon the Patriots.”
Which is fitting because the next person we asked, Jack Conley who says that he is in fact a Patriots fan, so we decided to ask Conley four questions about the Patriots to see how much he knows.
Q: What division do the Patriots play in?
Q: How many offensive players can you name?
A: Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady
Q: In the past decade, what year did they not make the playoffs?
A: 2008
Q: Who was the head coach before Bill Belichick?
A: I don’t know
He wasn’t able to name any other players other than the two more popular players, but one thing that helps his case a lot is the fact that he was able to know the last time they didn’t make the playoffs, it does show that he knows a little history but he doesn’t know the most about the Patriots.
Jon Anderson is known for being a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan, you may see him around school with a Cavaliers jersey or you might overhear him talking about basketball. Jon is the perfect person to ask these questions too.
Q: Who are the starting five for the Cavaliers?
A: Isaiah Thomas, J.R. Smith, LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Tristan Thompson
Q: Can you name the four people in the Cavs Hall of Fame?
A: Mark Price, Craig Ehlo, and Larry Nance
Q: Who is the head coach of the Cavs?
A: Tyronn Lue
Q: Who was the head coach before Lue?
A: David Blatt
Q: What current head coach played for the Cavs for four years?
A: Steve Kerr
Anderson answered four out of five correct he missed the question about who was in the Hall of Fame, but he was in the right track because all those players were great and famous players in that organization. So Anderson definitely knows past and present players from the Cavaliers.