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Cute and Cheap Date Ideas!

Rielle Jones-Teske, Staff Reporter

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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Valentine’s Day is finally upon us, and if you’re frantically trying to plan a date for tonight, look no further! Read on to discover, cute, cheap date ideas that will save your night (and your money)!



  • Board games: Board games are seriously underrated and can be super fun. Both of you bring your favorite game, find a cozy spot to play, and try not to be sore losers.
  • Fly Kites: Flying kites is a good activity to get outside and feel like a carefree kid again. (Disclosure: if you don’t already have one, kites range from $10-$30 at Target.)
  • Animal Shelter: Go to your local animal shelter and pet some animals! It’s beneficial for all parties involved. (Check out the Cedar Valley Humane Society for dogs and cats, and SAINT rescue and adoption center for rooms upon rooms full of cats)
  • Hit up the Library!: The library is the best place to rent movies from, plus if it’s nice out, you can take a stroll through Greensquare park too.
  • Exercise: Working out together is fun and productive, bonus points if you play the same sport so it counts as practice too.


Under $10:

  • Time Capsule: Depending on what you put in there, time capsules could range from zero to upwards of twenty dollars. Time capsules are a great activity because no matter what happens with you and your boo, when you open the capsule in 15 to 20 years, you’ll be happy you made it.
  • Become Chefs: Make a homemade pizza! One short trip to the grocery store turns into one yummy and memorable night-in.
  • Be a Kid Again: Ten dollars in quarters for arcade games can take you pretty far at the Quarter Barrel.
  • Homemade Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: A total Valentine’s Day classic, and it’ll mean even more if they’re made by you!

Instructions: (1) Melt a package of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a double boiler and add a small amount of oil 2) Remove from heat and quickly dip the strawberries into the chocolate 3) Place on wax paper and refrigerate for several hours until chocolate is firm.

  • Make Smoothie Bowls: Artsy and delicious. Score. Find the best recipes at



  • Night Hiking: For this one, you’ll need a few supplies. Get two mason jars, an assortment of glow sticks, and scissors. Drive to your favorite hiking spot in the evening, and when it turns dark, cut open the glow sticks and pour the liquid into the jars. Voila! You’ve made your own colorfully glowing lanterns to hike around with.
  • Superskate: I know Superskate is generally regarded as an elementary school field trip activity, but hear me out: it’s actually still super fun. Plus, you get to feel like a carefree kid again.
  • Go Adventuring: Drive to a neighboring town that you’ve never been to and act like total tourists. Costs include gas money, dinner, and maybe some cool souvenirs.
  • Try something new: If you’re sick of eating at the same restaurants in Cedar Rapids, change it up! Take a drive to Iowa City and choose a place there you’ve never heard of before. The car ride will give you some quality time with your date, too. Hint: Nile Ethiopian Restaurant on 2nd Street is life-changing.
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Cute and Cheap Date Ideas!