Love at First Sight is Real

Love at First Sight is Real

Benjamin Janssen, Sports Editor

William Shakespeare said “No sooner met but they, looked, no sooner looked but they loved,” Shakespeare produced brilliant stories depicting love at first sight (most famously Romeo and Juliet). Everyone knows the stories, you see them across a crowded room, from the first moment you lock eyes and you know. Love at first sight is a real thing.

The concept of soul mates is similar to the concept of love at first sight. If there is one person on this earth for you, then you must be able to know right when you look at them, from the first moment of attraction you can tell that you are in love. Everyone has that person that you love, and in some cases, no words need to be spoken for one to love the other, just a passionate glance.

According to a study by Pennsylvania University, love can be attributed to physical attraction. In this study, people determined others physical beauty in one sight, an average of 0.13 seconds. You love people based on immediate physical attraction, and people can judge attraction with just one glance. If you are attracted enough to people immediately, that’s how you fall in love with them. Everyone knows the stories, when you see someone you will love for the first time, time freezes, and you just stare into their eyes. This is a real occurrence, according to a study by social psychologist Zick Rubin, the key to initial attraction is seeing someone’s eyes, and once you see the eyes, you convey attraction by continuing to gaze into their eyes for many seconds.

To the argument that it is impossible to love someone immediately because you don’t know enough about them, love at first sight isn’t just romantic. Think of mothers with their children; mothers love their children from the first time they see them and continue loving them no matter what they grow up to be. Mothers don’t know anything about the personality or intelligence or how similar they are; they only know that they love their kids.

As Ringo Starr sang in “With a Little Help From my friends,” “Yes I’m certain that it happens all the time.” Love at first sight is not only real, but it also happens all the time and can happen to anyone.