Fashion Phenoms


Gabe Greco

D’essence Morris, ’18

Gabe Greco, Staff Reportrer

In this day and age, it seems all people care about is their outer appearance with all new hair and clothing trends that never seem to end. When everyone is starting to dress and do everything the same, it’s nice to stand out.

Two warriors who to change up the way they dress are D’essence Morris and Marcus Gillis, both ’18. They described their favorite, most impeccable outfits and gave some tips for anyone who wanted to “cop” their style.

Morris describes her style as “‘90s grunge”. She takes almost all of her inspiration from Aaliyah, a famous American R&B artist from the 90s and early 2000s. “Aaliyah, she is one of my inspirations along with other fashion icons of the ‘90s because she could literally pull off any look and still look comfortable, confident, and cute,” Morris said.

Comfortable, confident and cute are Morris’ top three words to live by when picking a ‘fit. “Hoops are a necessity for me. I love to wear poppin’ earrings and rings I usually get from thrift shops (Morris’s self-proclaimed second home) or downtown Iowa City.”

Morris’s first go-to outfit consists of a tube top (all-year round), classic mom jeans and a pair of Doc Martens. “It definitely isn’t always warm out so you could always pull this look with an oversized jacket or flannel which, you guessed it, are also best when thrifted.”

Morris’s second go-to look is one she referred to as Cute Lil Bill. “I say, Lil Bill, because you can literally catch a boy rockin the same thing. So I wake up late a lot, so I’m basically always rushing but make it a priority to slay… most of the time. It is an oversized tee for me that usually has a grunge” look then either a tight pair of black skinny jeans or mom jeans, just depends on the day. Oh and a dope accessory with a look is a bandana kinda like how Aaliyah wore them in the ‘90s,” Morris said.

Sometimes when students are in a hurry, they will not be able to put together the best outfits, but Morris says do not fret. “Confidence is really the main accessory you need to really pop out like it’s so important to love yourself when you look like a model and when you look the opposite. Also with the ‘fits, I would advise no one try to dress to impress others, but honestly just to feel cute for yo self only.”

Gillis distinguished style is very ‘80s/’90s inspired he also takes a lot of inspiration from Will Smith’s ‘90s sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel Air. “Most of what I wear I get is from thrift stores… I love thrifting because it is super cheap and I can find things that nobody else has. I love how I can alter them to ways that look good on me,” Gillis said.

Gillis also enjoys a nice Jay Versace inspired urban streetwear look. “When I am not thrifting I go to stores like H&M, Rue 21 or Forever 21 Mens..” Gillis said.

Pants can really take your outfit to the next level, and Gillis agrees. “I love high waisted baggy jeans and/or mom jeans… Every pair of jeans that I wear, I roll up to my ankles, and most of my shirts are tucked into my pants because that’s what I like,” Gillis said.

Jackets can be a big accessory for the fashion minded. “My favorite vintage jacket is my Tommy Hilfiger that was actually passed down to me from my mom which is (at least) 15 years old. I always over the top of my shirt [when tucked in] like one of my jean or vintage jackets,” Gillis said.

“Believe it or not my hair style contributes to my look too! I get my haircut at the Men’s Room on Mount Vernon Road. I always get a bald fade which is simply just my sides are cut very very short to where you can to barely tell there is even hair there and I leave it as it is. Kind of like fresh prince of Bel Air.”

Whenever Gillis wears jeans pants, a belt is a must. He also tops his looks off with fake glasses just for the look of the rims. Gillis wears very basic colors and clothes, but makes them his own just simply by tucking his shirt in, rolling his jeans, or adding any other stylistic detail. Gillis stays away from flashy colors or patterns and prefers to stick to solid colors to keep the look simple, clean, and put together.

According to the two Warrior fashion experts, the ‘80s/’90s styles are back in fashion. Always remember though there is no right or wrong way to dress. You are the only person with the right to say you shouldn’t wear a particular piece of clothing.

“At the end of the day your the one in the outfit so you should feel good about because you like it [not that because everyone else likes it],” Morris said.

So remember, according to Morris, confidence is key, so wear what you want and go crazy.