Basketball Practice Schedule


Alexis Anderson- Monument

Girls walking to the sideline during a basket ball game in December.

Isaac Gomez, Staff Reporter

Athletes who play basketball wait all year for the season to start, and with winter right around the corner, boys and girls have already started practicing for the upcoming season. parents and players make sure that they can fit the practices in their already busy week. There is more work in making the practice schedule than most people may think, considering the fact that there are three boys teams and three girls team, and only two gyms.

Athletics Director Grant Schultz, Girls basketball Coach Chris James, and Boys basketball Coach Justin Decker, come together and they try to make a fair and even schedule for all six teams. “[Scheduling the practices] can be very stressful, to be honest with you…The teams need the gym and want the gym,” said Schultz.

James who helps Schultz tremendously, says “We will practice about two to two and a half  hours each day the first week, and then about two hours a day the rest of the year. Roughly 12 hours a week.”

James thinks that there is enough time for each team to practice and thinks they make a schedule well enough for the year. “There aren’t any foreseeable issues as far as scheduling goes, but things may pop up as the year goes on,” James said.

There’s no set rule saying that certain teams practice in certain gyms. Every team practices in both gyms, it’s just the matter of availability. The varsity teams generally practice in the new gym more than the other teams, but every team gets a chance to practice in the new gym.

Schultz has the freshmen boy’s team practice in the morning and has the freshmen girls team also practice with the sophomore girls team. That makes it a little easier for Schultz to schedule the practices for the upperclassmen.

Schultz wouldn’t go through all of the stress and wouldn’t put in the work if he thought it wouldn’t pay. He obviously knows that it will pay off this season, and it has shown that it has paid off in past seasons.