November Freshman Bachelor of the Month: Marcus Taylor

Tyler McGuire, Staff Reporter

   Attention ladies, if you’re looking for a “chill” guy who is 100% invested in everything he’s involved in, including you, then Marcus Taylor ‘21 is totally the guy for you.

When asked what his dream woman would be like, Taylor said he was looking for a “chill” girl who knows how to “relax” since he’s a very relaxed person. “She can look good for sure, but she’s gotta be really chill,” added Taylor.

   Taylor is involved in many things here at Wash, from football and wrestling to show choir and drama, this kid does it all. While Taylor stays busy, any free time he has would most definitely be spent with you.

Taylor’s dream date would go something like this, “a night where it can just be us, have a chill date, eat some good food, watch a nice movie, just have some fun.” Said Taylor.

Taylor is quite literally the best of both worlds. You get the rugged athleticism with the four sports he participates in, while being able to win you over with his beautiful singing voice.

   So, if you’re a “chill” girl who knows how to “relax”, and you enjoy good food and movies (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t like that just saying) then I’d say you should give Marcus a shot.