Positivity Gang


Alliyah Wilcox

Darshaun Smith, ’19, the founder of Positivity Gang.

Gabe Greco, Staff Reporter

We have all been there. It’s a Monday night, you have a pile of homework on your bed, your crush calls you “buddy”, you’re out of pizza rolls and you stepped in dog poop on your way home from school. For most people this would be the time to give up and listen to your emo playlist for the rest of the day, but not for one mighty Warrior, Darshaun Smith ’19.

Smith is the founder of positivity gang at Wash. He was motivated to start this movement when he noticed racism and hate on social media. Struck by all the negativity, Smith took his feelings to Snapchat, where he ranted to his friends. “We are all humans at the end of the day,” Smith said on the social media platform. “We all bleed the same color. There is no need to hate someone for something they didn’t have a choice in. Why hate people in the first place? We need to bring people up and be glad for who you are and where you come from.” Smith followed that statement with saying “Why can’t everyone just stay positive?” and from that point on, it stuck.

The movement had a slow start,but soon increased dramatically. “I had tremendous help from everyone in marching band during the summer,” said Smith who plays the Trumpet.

Now you may be wondering, what is the Positivity Gang, and how do I join? The only requirement to join is making a commitment to staying positive all day, every day, and try to leave an encouraging impact on the people around you. When asked “How does one stay this positive?” Smith says, “A great way to stay positive is to surround yourself with positive people who support and bring you up, not down. That’s a major key to life right there.”

Though Smith is the leading force behind this positivity movement, even he must try extra hard some days to keep smiling.“I’m not perfect. I have my days when it is difficult to stay positive. But what really keeps me going is the love and support I get from everyone,” Smith says.

Smith is not just staying positive in everyday life. He is also spreading positivity on his Youtube channel. With almost 10,000 views and 200 subscribers, Smith has started a vlog channel where he posts weekly. “I have been recognized in public by people from Kennedy, Jefferson and even Prairie. It is humbling to know that I, Darshaun Smith at the age of 16, have a pretty good impact on this world already,” Smith said.

Long Story short, if you stay positive and try to only focus on what is good in your life your life will be a better more positive life that is rewarding. Now that is a major key.” If you wanna learn more about Positivity Gang or just some more tips on staying positive, say hey to Smith in the halls!