November Artists of the month: Hunter and Madison Bartlett


Art from Madison (left) and Hunter (right) Bartlett

Gabe Greco, Staff Reporter

What could be better than having a twin? How about having a twin with the same passions as you. Madison and Hunter Bartlet are two of Washington’s most talented artists.

The twins knew they had fallen in love with creating art in early elementary school, but they didn’t dive deep into drawing and painting until their freshmen year at Washington with the help of Liz Schmelzer. She helped them both learn more about art and grow as artists.

Madison and Hunter both primarily enjoy painting and drawing but, Madison also dabbles in ceramics. Her friends almost always influence Madison’s artwork, and she is also very inspired by her eclectic array of music.

Not only are the twins very talented artists, they are also involved in GSA. If you want to get to know these two more, you can almost always find them hanging out in one of the two art rooms.