Freshman Phenom

Issac Gomez, Staff Reporter

When athletes make it to high school, they have a chance to prove that they are some of the best at their school. It’s always an athlete’s goal to make it to varsity, because when an athlete makes it to varsity they know that all of the training and work they put into their sport is paying off.
Ethan Stout is a Freshman who joined the Cross Country team this past summer, and this was Stout’s first time doing cross country because he didn’t do it at his middle school, Isaac Newton. Even though Stout didn’t formally join his team in middle school, he still had some experience in running because he has participated in races before. “He’s calm, cool, and collected on meet days” says Coach Willis Harte.
Stout plans on doing cross country throughout high school. When asked about his favorite part about being on the varsity team he said he liked having the teams dinner and ”hanging out with the boys”.
He said those are great times. It’s very different to be on the varsity team, he comments saying “it’s more competitive on that level”.
It also gives him the opportunity to represent Washington. “It gives you the opportunity to represent your school.”
Stout did a good job of representing Washington this season by running a respectable 18.04 at the state meet
Going into this year, Stout didn’t think that he would run for varsity, but when the summer started to end and the cross country season started to begin, Stout had a feeling that he would be running for varsity this year and he hopes that he can be on varsity throughout high school.
Stout is a competitive runner and he is showing that he fits right in with all the other competitive runners at this school, and across the city. “I would love to see the kid develop into a star runner,” said Harte.