Great Wall of Washington


Ben Janssen

The O-Line L-R: Nolan Potter ’18, Ben LaGrange ’19, Jared Scherrman ’18, Parker Malone ’19, Andrew Todd ’18. Not pictured: Brock Stewart ’18.

Ben Janssen, Sports Editor

Having a great offensive line is important to winning a football game. When you dominate the trenches your quarterback has time to throw, your running back has time and holes to run through, and you can wear down the defense faster.

The Warrior offensive line is one of the most dominating forces on the team. They are led by seniors Nolan Potter, Jared Scherrman, Brock Stewart and Andrew Todd, and juniors Ben LaGrange and Parker Malone. Three of these students, Todd, Potter, and Scherrman are captains this year. “Jared, Andrew, and Nolan are great leaders in different ways.  Nolan leads by example and adds the most humor to our unit.  Just ask him about big man parkour.  Andrew is a vocal leader, one of the best I have been around, and also leads by example.  Jared is a little bit of both, being vocal, always leading with his actions, and also blending in some humor.  Andrew is also funny with his imitations but let’s be honest, Nolan doing big man parkour can’t be topped,” O-line Coach Jason Wood said.

As of press time, the warrior O-line has helped other Warriors succeed this football season. Haven Henningsen ’18 has led the team in rushing yards this season and with 1,032, is second in the district. The lineman work hard every day helping the Warriors secure a spot in the playoffs this year. The work put in by the O-line has helped Quarterback Bryan Kunde, ’18, succeed so far this season. “They definitely deserve recognition,” Kunde said. “They help me have time to throw and not get sacked a bunch, and open up big holes for Haven to run through.”

To become a great O-line, it takes work, constant work from all members. “Work ethic overall is outstanding.  All of our linemen, starting and even most of our reserves, work hard, are in Performance P.E., rarely, if ever miss practice, and understand the importance of the PROCESS to get better and all that goes into,” Wood said.

The seniors on this squad have helped their team succeed, and the work that they are putting in now will help them succeed in the future. “I have no doubt all three will be successful in college as football players and as men.  I think far too many people lose sight of the fact that no sport, no activity, can do more to help a young man be his absolute best as a leader, a team player, and prove his dedication in the face of a high level of risk than football.  These three embody that, and the more young men embody what these three embody, the better our school and community will become,”  Wood said.