A Haunted House Worker Among Us


Kyle Phillips

Kyle Curtis ’18, a worker at Circle of Ash

Tyler McGuire, Opinions Editor

For some people, going through a haunted house still, results in crying. However, there is a very small percent of the population that absolutely adore haunted houses. What is even better though, one of those brave souls is right here with us at Washington High School, Kyle Curtis ‘18.
Curtis has been a worker at Circle of Ash for the past two years. He became interested when she began to notice some flyers in the hallways his sophomore year. “They recruited at Wash last year with posters in the hallways, and my mom is friends with one of the owners,” said Curtis.
Now don’t think that Kyle is an amateur just because he is in high school. He is VERY good at what he does. “One time, a kid got so scared that he defecated,” said Curtis.
Curtis is also very flexible with his job. Whatever his team needs, he’s willing to help. “I have two characters, a scarecrow, and an occultist,” said Curtis. “I work mostly in Frightmare Forest as a jump scare.”
While he enjoys having fun at work, Curtis takes his job very seriously. He said that he couldn’t choose a favorite character because that is supposedly bad luck.
While Curtis may be committed to what he does, he also does feel for those he scares maybe a little too much. “I hate making little kids cry,” said Curtis.
This job can also be quite stressful and sometimes scary one might assume. After all, we’ve seen how some people react in haunted houses. One scare could land a worker with some very angry customers. However, Curtis just soaks it all in. “My favorite part is getting threats from grown adults because of how well I scare,” said Curtis.
Circle of Ash is located in Central City and is open from 8-12 p.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, and 8-10 p.m. on Sundays. So, think you’re tough enough to make it through? Well then give Kyle and Circle of Ash a try!