Krump Squad


Rielle Jones-Teske

Krump Squad plays for the student section at the first football game against Prarie High School on August 25th. From left to right: Paul Linville ’19, Caleb Kleman ’18, Michael Muhlena ’18, Marcellis Gillis ’18, Jackie Ripoll ’18, Justin Moore ’18

Gabe Greco, Staff Reporter

If you are a recurring Wash football game attendee, there is no way you can stay seated during the funky beats presented during halftime by Washington’s own poppin’ pep band, Krump Squad. Krump Squad is a decade-old tradition with the Wash marching band. Drumline section leader Paige Pridgeon, ’18 said, “Krump Squad is a good, engaging, and fun activity. No other schools have anything like it. No other schools play current and cool songs.”

Krump Squad has a vast array of songs, including but not limited to: “Mask Off” by Future, “All I do is Win” by DJ Khaled and “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne. All the songs that they play are composed by members of the squad. Krump squad leader Michael Muhlena, ’18 said, “I love Krump Squad because it is the only student-led group in the band department. It’s dope because we arrange all the music and can pick whatever songs we want. We usually do more hip-hop/trap music because it gets the student section going and it also is the only opportunity we have to play cool music like that.”

Krump Squad was established by senior Roland Harte in 2006. “It was completely student driven, directors had nothing to do with it. Students tried to piece together popular songs and eventually asked to play at a football and it’s been passed down year by year ever since.” Mr. Miller

Krump Squad brings a lot more than just music to Wash. They bring something cool and unique that the students and fans can bond over during half-time there really is nothing like it.