Double Trouble

Freshmen twins make a splash on the swim team


Lexi Anderson

The swim team participating in a meet earlier this month

Tyler McGuire, Opinions Editor

For most people, swimming with your sister seems like a nightmare, but Lila and Elsie Novak, ’21, twins on the Washington Women’s Swim Team, make the absolute best of it. Hard work coupled with determination and fun makes this pair a major force to be reckoned with.

Both of the Novak’s have been swimming since age 3, and they are both still enjoying it to this day. “I love the team bonding and the family atmosphere that the team brings,” said Lila. “It makes swim practice much more fun!” said Elsie.

As varsity swimmers, the girls have a lot of competition in their respective events this year. Lila swims the 100 butterfly as well as the 100 freestyle. “I like those events because they’re quick and easy!” said Lila. Elsie swims the 200 butterfly and the 400 individual medley. “I like my events because I’m good at them!” said Elise.

Megan Lewis, the head coach of the women’s swim team, couldn’t be happier with the
Novak twins’ addition to her roster. “They are a good addition to our already talented team. They allow us more options,” said Lewis.

It looks to be a promising year for the now 4-0 (as of press time) swim team. Hopefully, a district or a state title is in the works for the team this year.

The Novak twins both appear to have bright futures ahead. Elsie hopes to swim in the Olympics and Lila wants to swim in California. Both swimmers also hope to podium at the state meet this year.

With numerous years of club swimming under their belt, there isn’t much the Novak twins can’t handle when it comes to the pool. Years of CRAA 2-a-day practices have prepared them for almost anything an opposing team could possibly throw at them.

Could this be the year for the women’s swim team? Well, with the help of Lila and Elsie Novak added to the already stellar wash swim team, anything is possible.