Lack of Janitors


Jillian Gannon

Since you were very young, you were told to clean up after yourself. Adults tell you that it’s your mess, so you clean it up. However, that all changed when you went to school.
Yes, you do have to clean up your own mess in class, but think about it. Do you pick up the M&M’s you dropped in class? How about the dirt and mud on your shoes from walking outside–do you scrub it off the floor?
Of course not. That’s left to the janitors. But what happens when there are no janitors?
This is the problem being faced at Wash this year. The number of janitors has been cut by a considerable amount. From now on, there are only two to three janitors on first shift, two on second shift, and an unknown amount on third shift. This may seem like a lot of janitors, but there are two entire buildings to clean–not to mention the sheer number of classrooms and corridors.
The end result is that classrooms get cleaned only twice a week. You may have noticed that you are no longer allowed to eat in most of your classrooms (if not all of them) because of potential for various pest problems. Many classrooms, in both buildings, upstairs and downstairs have pest problems (usually food related), so the lack of cleaning is an issue in the school.
An interview with Associate Principal Darius Ballard shed some light upon the lack of janitorial staff issue.
Ballard revealed that the pests aren’t a recent problem, saying that “historically this building is harder to keep pests out of…even if we cleaned the rooms more often”.
Further inquiry revealed that the janitorial staff was lessened because of budget cuts. When asked about where the money went, Ballard replied that the money “didn’t go anywhere,” and that the school is given “ a certain amount of money to keep the school running”. The money from various budget cuts is used to conserve the funds needed to run the school, as the money given “is smaller than last year, and this has been a trend for the past 3-4 years”.
No matter what, you’ll have to stop eating in class, or the pests might have a nice snack too.