Senior spring to do list


Grace Kline, Staff Reporter

Senior Spring to do Checklist:

  • Boys: Ask a girl to prom!
  • Girls: Say yes if a boy asks you to prom.
  • Go to an FDIC show (they’re funny and free!)
  • Check into any more available scholarships (some aren’t due until May or June.)
  • When you’ve decided what college you’ll be going to find out what activities you can be involved and what other Warriors are going there.
  • Don’t stress about AP exams (eat Ben & Jerry’s and watch movies instead.)
  • Go to Mr. Washington
  • Don’t get so busy that you can’t spend time with your family.
  • Go to class.
  • Release your inner artist and perform at Mudaco.
  • Organize your grad party.
  • Do CPR training (there is a session March 10- this is required to graduate.)