Sarah Altemeier, Staff Reporter

Four heads full of curly brown hair. Four pairs of square glasses. Two unrelated families. Two separate sets of identical Sauer twins in the 11th grade.

17-year-olds Joshua David and Caleb Charles Sauer were born on Sept. 14, 1998. Both of these young men prefer cats over dogs, hot dogs over hamburgers, the beach over snow, and nights over mornings. They both participate in cross country, track, and band.

Josh’s favorite color is red. You might catch him watching “Lord of the Rings” while eating his favorite food, chicken. Whereas, Caleb, whose favorite color is aqua, could be found in a different room watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” while eating french fries.

On June 11, 1999, Lilly Anne Sauer was born, and 20 minutes later, her sister, Chloe Jo was born. These two young ladies would rather have a dog than a cat, hamberger than a hot dog, go to the beach than go sledding, and it be night rather than morning. Lilly’s favorite color is purple and her favorite food is spaghetti. She enjoys disney films like “Hercules.” Chloe’s favorite color is pink and she likes to eat mac and cheese. Her favorite movie is “The Wizard of Oz.”

When asked if he liked being a twin, Josh felt pretty indifferent,“I am neutral in my attitude towards being a twin. Some positives are watching the confusion on people’s faces when they realize there are two of us. One time someone thought we had teleported because they saw one of us walk down one hallway, and then the other walk down another. A negative is that people always ask if we are twins, and it can get a little annoying when you hear it all your life.”

Lilly also could think of positives and negatives to being a twin, “Sometimes having a twin has its perks like always having someone there or someone to share clothes with. It can be annoying always being compared to her though because we’re seriously so different in most aspects.”

Caleb likes having a twin for more than one reason, “I like being a twin because you are kind of able to get away with stuff and not get in trouble. You also get to share homework which is nice. But nothing is worse than when people ask, ‘Do you feel pain if Josh does’”

Both of these sets of twin seem to get along very well, “My favorite thing about Lilly is that she looks like me. She gives good advice and she shares her clothes,” said Chloe.

Lilly enjoys a lot of things about her sister too, “Chloe is really funny at some points. She knows how to make me laugh which is nice. She’s way smarter so she helps me with homework a lot.”

It was difficult for these four to imagine life without a twin, “It is hard to think about but I’d be alone with a lot of things I like to talk to her about and I wouldn’t have anybody at home with me either. However, I guess wouldn’t get sick as much since I always get sick after her,” said Chloe.

Caleb also thinks life would be very unusual, “Josh and I go through a lot together; my life would be very different. If I didn’t have a twin, I think that I wouldn’t be called by my last name as much.”

His brother joked about people not being confused as much, “If I didn’t have a twin, I probably wouldn’t get nearly as much attention in public. Also, people would probably greet me by saying, ‘Hi Josh,’ instead of saying, ‘Are you Josh or Caleb?’”

Lilly believes her life would be drastically different without Chloe, “I feel like I wouldn’t be who I am, like I feel like she shaped my personality. I also feel like I wouldn’t have some of my friends without her because we share the same friends and it weirds me out to think about life without her.”