Friendly or Hostile?

Xavier students have been invited to sit with Wash students at the state quarterfinal playoff.


Jillian Gannon, Staff Writer

Warriors are freaking out over a controversial issue: Xavier kids in the Wash student section during the game this Friday. Despite the unclear start of the issue (general opinion is that it began over Twitter), it is starting fires in the hallways of Wash.

Opinions vary depending on who is talked to, but there is one general opinion: If Xavier can come into the student section, they have to sit in the back. More specifically, the first few rows are reserved for Wash kids.

For some, such as Claire McKinstry, Xavier’s presence detracts from the school spirit of Wash.

“They shouldn’t be in the student section at all,” McKinstry said.

Many share this opinion, especially those on the Wash student section Twitter page.

However, the acerbic comments against other schools in the Wash student section are balanced out with the phrase ‘lit’ and the acceptance attitude some Warriors have. While those opposed to Xavier’s presence may seem formidable, there are plenty of Warriors on the opposite side of the issue.
“The more people cheering for the Warriors, I’m all for it,” said offensive coordinator Frank Scherrmann.

Scherrman’s opinion reflects the part of the school that wants the student section to be as loud as they possibly can with one stipulation. “If they’re coming just to be anti-Kennedy, then no,” Scherrmann said.

This meaning that Xavier students shouldn’t come if it’s just fueled by their hatred and ‘the battle of 42nd Street’. But if they aren’t coming for that, then most of Wash is perfectly fine with having the Saints on the top part of the Wash student section.

Those who are not opposed to the Xavier presence have the goal of a loud student section cheering for the Warriors in the quarterfinal playoff game.

The game is tonight with a 7 p.m. kickoff at Kingston Stadium. Kennedy is the home team and Wash are the visitors.

Update: Wash lost the game 21-7.