Stupid Halloween Activities


Steven Depolo

CC by Steven Depolo

Tyler McGuire, Staff Reporter

Of all the stupid things teenagers do, Halloween is a holiday that seems to bring out the poor decision-making skills in any teenager.
Not everyone has a super crazy Halloween, though.

Isaac Keppler, ’18, has a pretty normal Halloween. “I usually just have chili, then maybe go out and get some candy. It’s pretty boring,” Keppler said.
Other people have very eventful Halloween nights.

One source, who requested to remain anonymous, stated some rather interesting activities. “I like to dress up like a fairy tale character and go around smashing people’s pumpkins. It’s really fun to see people’s reactions,” the source said.

Thomas Corbett, ’18, has some violent activities that he likes to engage in. “I like to hide in a bush with a pillowcase full of candy, then when my friend Scott walks by, I beat him up with sack of candy until he screams mercy,” Corbett said.

“It takes about 20 seconds for Scott to submit to me,” added Corbett.

Jackson Smith, ’17, has some very unique Halloween traditions. “I like to buy a bunch of bottle rockets, tie 20 of them together, put them in people’s yards and pumpkins, light them off, and watch people’s stuff explode everywhere,” Smith said.

Smith also had some other activities that he enjoys, but he would not speak about them on record, admitting he would likely be punished if they were printed in The Surveyor.
If these students were caught doing any of this, they could be charged with vandalism, destruction of property, criminal trespassing, and assault, so be careful!
As fun as these activities can be, remember to stay safe while still having a good time.