Three Warriors Qualify for XC State Meet

Sam Eck, Reagan Gorman, and Sarah Altemeier will represent Wash in Fort Dodge.

Grace Kline, Staff Reporter

The State-Qualifying cross-country meet at Seminole Valley on Oct. 22 was a night for all Warriors to be proud of. Three runners individually qualified to run at State.  

To individually qualify for State, a runner must finish in the top 15 at the State-Qualifying race.  For the whole team to qualify, the team must rank in the top three at the meet.  All of the runners were cheered on by fellow teammates, Warrior students, parents, and, of course, Dr. Plagman.

Reagan Gorman, ’19, took an early lead in the girls 4A race, and kept it, finishing first and setting the first course record with a time of 18:58 for a 5k.  

Sarah Altemeier, ’18, finished close behind in 14th place with a time of 19:44.  Both girls will be running at State on Oct. 31.

Other varsity runners were Serena Eck, ’18, Brett Visser, ’16, Mekela Spence, ’18, Sierra Sheets, ’16, and Sophie Fox, ’18.  The girls team finished fifth overall out of nine teams.

Samuel Eck, ’16, had a strong race for the boys team, finishing in eigth place with a time of 16:12 for a 5k, and will also be representing Wash at State.  Other varsity runners were Finbar Berry, ’16, Paul Schneidermann, ’19, Patrick Gorman, ’17, Khory Nobles, ’19, Josh Sauer, ’17, and Sam McDermott, ’17.  The boys team finished fourth overall out of nine teams.

Anyone interested in cheering on these three outstanding Warriors at State can head out this Saturday, Oct. 31, to Fort Dodge.  The 4A girls race will start at 11 a.m. and the 4A boys race will follow at 11:30.

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