Rain Delays for Wash Athletes

Claire Mckinstry, Staff Writer/Reporter

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With April showers comes May flowers, among other things… Such as rain. As spring sports are progressing to the prime of their seasons, athletes have conflicted opinions about rain delays and cancellations.


Some athletes don’t will tolerate rain, but lightning and thunder are another story. “I don’t mind playing in the rain, so cancellations are a pain because of rescheduling, but if it’s really cold and thunder-storming I’m all for the cancellation,” said Sammie Harrington, ’17.


Peter Nassif, ’17, feels similar to Harrington, as game cancellations can be disappointing but practice cancellations, not as much. “For many sports, if there’s lightning they’re cancelled, and if it doesn’t lightning it’s fine, but with tennis, it has to be cancelled when it rains because of how slippery the courts are and because you can’t play in the rain. I’m pretty disappointed when a meet gets cancelled because I want to play and prove myself, but when practice gets cancelled I don’t really mind because I can go home and get some homework done and go to bed at a reasonable time,” said Nassif.


When students are the spectator, the rain can potentially be even more of a disappointment as students don’t have the opportunity to cheer on their fellow classmates. Regarding this topic, Nassif said, “It makes me frustrated because I really want to go and support my school and I made plans to do this with friends. It’s a great way to hang out with them and show some school spirit and I’m just really upset, especially when they get rescheduled for a time that I won’t be able to make. I feel like it hurts the team without as much school spirit out there cheering them on.”


Although athletes everywhere could list their pros and cons about the rain, the weather is inevitable. Athletes and spectators have learned to expect cancellations, but not depend on them. Spring is a rainy time that has to be endured by everyone, athletes included.