Spring Sports Start Soggy

Chris Harrington

Cedar Rapids has been experiencing an extremely long winter this season with an ongoing flux of high sixties to low forties as highs in mid-April. According to ncdc.noaa.gov, Iowa received a total of 40.5 in. of snow. That’s 15.1 in. more than the normal winter. However, spring sports must go on.

One of these spring sports that is having to deal with the poor weather is Women’s golf. The Women’s golf season began on March 17. The junior varsity’s first meet was on April 9. The varsity’s first meet was on April 10.

Riley Girman, ’17, says that even though there was poor weather she felt prepared for the junior varsity’s first meet. Even though she was prepared she did say that she spent time at the driving range with her dad to practice her swing more.

“No,” Devon O’Donnell, ’17, said when asked if she felt prepared. “I went to my country club for more practice.”

“I like golf! I really think it’s a great sport that you can play your whole life. I really love the group of girls I play with,” Girman says.