Homecoming Week


As homecoming festivities wind down, Wash students have had a chance to reflect on the week of themed dress-up days, the night spent cheering on the football team, and finally a memorable dance. Student Senate president and vice president, Sami Scheetz, ’14, and Shannon Gorman, ’14, paused their busy schedules to share their reflections.
“The purpose of homecoming week is to get the student body pumped up and for them to have something fun to look forward to as school starts to pick up pace. All of the crazy themes and activities provide some extra excitement during the week!” said Gorman.
“It helps the school come together. When you have all the grades participating, there’s a sense of community,” said Scheetz.
There were  themed dress-up days throughout the week.

“We always have a Dress-Up Day, Spirit Day, and Roll Out of Bed Day, so there are only two possible theme days to choose each year,” said Gorman.
Finalizing on the themes of each day was a difficult choice.

“Deciding on Duck Dynasty Day and Character Day as our two was a difficult choice. In the past, there has been anything from Tie Dye to Twin Day. One year, Color Wheel Day was a popular favorite,” said Scheetz.
Though Student Senate pulls of the stunt with resounding success each year, the preparations involve extensive, concentrated work.
“We cry and complain about how stressed we are while doing nothing. Just kidding. But Student Senate members put a lot of time into setting everything up and organizing the assembly, parade, and dance itself. Making decorations and signs and selling tickets are just a couple things the student body sees us do!” said Gorman.
Despite all the hard work, the two officers were quick to clarify how rewarding the experience is each year.

“After working on getting everything pulled together up until the last few hours, seeing the student body enjoy the week makes it all worth it,” said Scheetz.
Gorman agreed.

“The best part is definitely watching everything come together! After you’ve been planning for weeks and stressing out over each detail, it’s such a relief to see the final product. I love how the whole group [Student Senate] has to work together to make homecoming week run smoothly, and it’s very satisfying after we have everything accomplished,” Gorman said.