Jefferson students attended Wash’s prom


Saturday, April 20, 2013 marked the date of the Class of 2013’s senior prom—an opportunity for students to dress up, dance, and pass the fun-filled night with their friends. They were joined by 21 Jefferson show choir students, graciously invited by the counseling office’s Jennifer Byers to participate in Washington’s prom, due to a conflict with their own.

Students in West Side Delegation, Jefferson High School’s varsity show choir, qualified for a national show choir tournament’s finals, held in Chicago, Illinois on April 27—the same date as Jefferson’s prom.

Byers shared, “As a gesture of goodwill and support, Washington extended an invitation to our prom for WSD [West Side Delegation] members who were interested. This way, students who wanted to attend prom but also compete in the national competition didn’t have to choose, they could do both!”

The 21 students who elected to accept the invitation to Washington’s prom were introduced alongside Washington students at April 20 afternoon promenade in Washington’s New Gym, and attended the dance at the Cedar Rapids Country Club. Though also invited to the post-prom festivities at the Cedar Rapids Bowling Center, like all non-Washington prom guests, they were ineligible to win any of the larger raffle prizes.

This thoughtful invitation to prom isn’t the first that Washington administration has extended to a fellow Cedar Rapids school. Just last year, Jefferson students in an Academic Decathlon national tournament were invited to Washington’s prom because of a similar conflict in timing with their own prom.

“It made sense to extend the offer in this situation as well,” said Byers.

She went on to share, “I’m a former member of West Side Delegation, and a big supporter of fine arts, so it was personally important for me to help out in a difficult situation. I imagine Jefferson would do the same for us if the situation were reversed, and the more goodwill we can promote between schools the better off everyone is.  I was talking about this with a high-school friend who now lives in NYC, and he put it best when he said that the CR show choirs (Momentum, Happiness Inc., and West Side Delegation) were always tough rivals, but at the end of the day we were also each other’s biggest fans.”