Top 20 Things Not To Do When Studying For Finals


Studying in general is bad enough, but for finals, that’s a whole other story. I already have a serious procrastinating problem (as I’m sure many others do) but its always the worst when finals come aroud right when it matters most. So instead of looking over my notes for my upcoming tests, I found myself writing down everything myself and friends did instead. These, are the top 20:

1.) Participate in a flash mob

2.) Have a nerf war with 10 year old boys

3.) Hold obstacle course races

4.) Walk around in the snow wearing a swimming suit

5.) Go bowling

6.) Walk/dance six laps around a mall

7.) Make a snow fort

8.) Babysit 5 year old twin girls

9.) Go to a state basketball game (get ’em next time)

10.) Text your bf/gf or crush

11.) Rearrange your rooms furniture

12.) Eat girl scout cookies

13.) Picture your dream world (Niall Horan as my husband! And a chocolate swimming pool <3)

14.) Watch three tragic love movies in a row

15.) Go on Facebook/ Instagram

16.) Eat because you’re bored not hungry

17.) Surf Youtube videos

18.) Deal with relationship drama

19.) Take a bath

20.) Sleep (Ain’t nobody got time for that!)