5 Steps to a Smoother Finals Week


mjFinals are right around the corner.  Here are five things you can do to better prepare yourself:

1.) Start studying as early as possible.  If you spread out your time, you won’t end up cramming all in one night and will feel much better prepared come finals day.

2.) Get a good night’s sleep two days before your finals.  Most people think they just need to go to bed early on the day before a big test – but really you need a solid sleep two days beforehand.  If you don’t get enough sleep two days before, it will catch up on you during your tests.

3.) Eat breakfast.  I know lots of kids who don’t eat breakfast, and this is an easy fix on finals day.  Wake up ten minutes earlier and eat something – it doesn’t have to be a lot.  A banana or a granola bar will power you through your tests.

4.) Don’t over study.  Yes, finals are cumulative, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend every second the weekend before finals week studying for your tests.  Spending hours on hours without breaks will not help you.  Study in half an hour or hour long sessions, rewarding yourself once you finish a session with a break where you move away from your study area.

5.) Use note-cards.   Students often study for tests by re-reading chapters or just looking over notes.  This doesn’t cut it – lots of the information you re-read won’t stick in your head.  You need to create a new way of viewing the information – my personal favorite is making note-cards.   They don’t take long to make and provide a quick and easy way to see information, like vocabulary words, over and over.  Also, you can lay down and go through note-cards – it doesn’t require sitting at a desk with a giant textbook.