Junior Year: All the Hype

Assumptions at Washington High School:

Freshman year: The think you’re cool year
Sophomore year: The year you realize you weren’t cool
Junior year: The hard year
Senior year: The best/worst year

     Junior year is death.  Junior year will be the end of me.  Junior year sucks.

     What? No.

     These are just some of the things I heard before starting my Junior year.

     I believe this is a big overstatement.  When I finished my sophomore year, I was scared to start my junior year.  But now, being halfway through, I have found that it might not be any harder than the years I have already completed.  I’m having the most fun I’ve had any year at Washington High School, and also doing the best I’ve ever done in class.

    This may be because I am only taking two AP classes, while juniors can take up to seven.  But most people I know seem to only be taking about three AP classes.

    On average, I spend an hour and half on homework each night.  I participate in a sport each season, and I haven’t had problems studying each night after practice.  I get annoyed when my classmates complain about workloads and how busy they are.  Everybody is busy and everybody gets the same workload – nothing about Junior year makes this any different, except for a few more AP classes.

    Maybe the worse is yet to come.  We haven’t had our second term finals, which I imagine will be quite difficult.  But last year finals were difficult, and the year before that they were too.  So what is the difference?

    Junior year, in reality, offers more difficult classes.  But our freshman and sophomore years have prepared us for them, and I know we can handle it.  In fact, it makes sense to be taking harder classes each year.  You will learn more and push your brain to new limits.  Wow, that sounds like what is actually supposed to happen in school..

    When I think of future years in school, I can’t help but think the hardest is still yet to come.  Each year in college will be more difficult than this year – so juniors, tough it out, but remember, each year can only get harder. 🙂 (Except for senior year, because, you know – senioritis.)